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What we treat

No we don't just do spines!!!! Don't hesitate to book in. The number of time people say 'I didn't mention it because I didn't think it was a chiro thing'.  If its your body we can usually help even if that means referring you elsewhere. If 'it is not our thing' we will recommend where you need to go.  Still unsure?Just drop us a message. 


What we treat?

We treat neuro-muscular-skeletal issue in the body such as those listed below.

Neck and shoulder pain:

These can often radiate up up to the head causing cervicogenic headaches or down the arm 

We can often help with the prevention of migraines 

Lower back pain and leg pain referral:

This can often combine with leg pain or other leg symptoms, from general life, sport or pregnancy

Peripheral joint pain:

Chiropractic treatment and rehab of the effected area can help with arm, leg and foot pain which is often very useful in sports and work related injuries that recur 




Sports Injuries: 

Often a combination of recovery, chiropractic manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises forming a back to playing plan with future conditioning suggestions to help prevent future re-injury 


No we can't stop the arthritis, yes more often than not we can help relieve the pain improve movement and help you keep an active healthy lifestyle without the use of drugs 

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