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James Gray MChiro


My Story

Raised on a farm out the back of Dawlish, I grow up addicted to rugby and Cricket but as often happens I was plagued with shoulder injuries. I spent a year in pain that used to radiate down my arm and despite physio and drugs nothing was changing my shoulder, it was just stuck in a loop and forcing through the pain was making it worse. This was where I had my first brush with chiropractic and a shout out goes to Richard kirk the man who fixed my shoulder and got me back playing but also started me on my road to chiropractic. 

Wanting to go into a profession that helped people but with a desire to stay active at work, chiropractic seemed the natural way forward and thanks to the support of local Chiropractors Melanie Carpenter and Richard Kirk I got my place at the Welsh institute of Chiropractic.

5 years later with my masters degree in hand I was keen to find a chiropractor to work under involved in sport. This lead me to Leicester with Thomas Jeppesen and the athletes at the Leicester Riders basketball team and I spent 3 years enjoying work in the community clinics, sports events and with the players. 


Despite having a great time, 8 years is a long time to be away from the sunny coast and moors of Devon..... home was calling. It was time to bring what I have learnt back to where it began. So I moved clinics to county chiropractic in Exeter and started working pitch side for Teignmouth RFC women's team. 


Now the time and demand has come to combine the best of what I have learnt and seen over 10 years with my personal values and start a clinic of my own championing evidence based chiropractic combined with rehab alongside a honest, personalised approach to care. This involves not having preconceived ideas about perfect health but getting to understand what the patient needs and wants to tailor care to the patients goals and helping them achieve them. 



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