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What to expect?

Your first visit

You will start with a compulsory initial consultation. Here we take the time for a physical and medical history and to listen to what your problems are and discuss your goals for the future . (In short what do you need to get out of this)


I will then undertake a thorough examination which will include essential safety checks, to determine the cause of the issues you are experiencing


The results of the examination will help us to establish the best course of action to help you to achieve your goals.

Unless we have decided on a referral or the need for further investigation you will also receive your first treatment. (see chiropractic treatment)


How we treat at Gray's

We always discuss the treatment before we go ahead and always take your personal preferences into account. 'Your body, your rules' Don't be scared off by youtube!


Treatment methods

Joint manipulation:

These are high speed low force movements of restricted joints in the spine and extremities. This has been proven to improve range of motion in the spine, relax the spinal musculature, increase pain tolerance. No…. we are not putting something back into line!


Mobilisation and pelvic blocking :

Gentle techniques to encourage better movement and spinal position 

Muscle work:

Targeted muscle work similar to massage and stretching to improve motion, relax muscles and stimulate blood flow.


Fascial release:

working the the chains of facia that co-ordinate movement patterns to improve 



Stretching, strengthening and position sense home exercises to allow for a more permanent recovery.

Home and work recommendations:

Postural changes to help the 99.9999% of your life your arn't in the treatment room 

Nobody is the same 

Everyone has different personal issues, health goals, old injuries and medical conditions that will impact our approach and expectations.

Even if we can't help you we can help guide you to a person who can. So don't worry book now and we can help you get started on that road to achieving your goals.

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