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A Chiropractor for you

Neuromuscular skeletal pain can effect anyone/everyone and prevent you achieving your life goals.

Whether this is to return to work, sport, gardening or just to improve your quality of life by reducing pain and discomfort.


At Gray's Chiropractic we provide an evidenced based, honest and personalised approach to care entirely designed to suit your individual goals and needs.

Life's easier with Gray's Chiropractic in your corner 

Chiropractic and sports rehab supports TRFC

All members of Teignmouth rugby football club and can present a membership card get £5 discount on initial consultation and treatments 

Using Mobile Phones


Check your work health care plan to see if it includes chiropractic care


Often work place health care plans cover chiropractic care which can be very helpful when maintaining your health. 

Receipts with my registration number on are available

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