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"I’ve been suffering with what I was thought was mild sciatica. After months of physio, pain killers and lockdown finishing I thought it’s time to get this sorted. My good friend Jess put me on to James and I have to say after 2 sessions I feel almost better. we have a plan and are working towards full recovery and ongoing managing. I have never been to a chiropractor before and always mindful of the pain stories you hear, I would full recommend Gray’s chiropractic many thanks and I’ll see you next week."
James Tribble


"Jamie is the only one I will let strap my knee before a rugby game. He knows exactly what is needed and will talk to me throughout to give me advice"
Chloe Sutcliffe

"Went in with severe lower back pain and Jamie worked his magic, after a few sessions I’m no longer in pain
Great service highly recommend and will recommend to everyone
Stefan Walker 

"Jamie has treated me and my wife over the last couple of years. He is hugely skillful and knowledgable. Jamie is always honest and great value as he will give only the treatments you need.

Would highly recommend to anyone."

Dan Britcliffe

Jamie is an excellent chiropractor. He has treated me for various sports injuries and posture related problems over the last few years and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Each course of treatment has made a massive difference to solving/healing the problem. Worth every penny.

Tom Hawkins

"I had a knee strain which just wasn’t healing, GP suggested Voltarol and ice pack but I was still in a lot of pain and unable to walk properly or drive. I contacted Jamie and he suggested straight away that I needed manipulation of the muscles in the upper leg as it was these that were probably the cause of the knee pain. Jamie did 45 minutes of muscle stretching and manipulation on me and within two days my knee pain had receded enough that I could drive. He has given me great advice and some self exercises and I have done these and now have very little pain, so thanks Jamie for your help, I will be recommending you to my golf mates who are always moaning about aches and pains ! Good luck with the new adventure"

Adrian Izod

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